Why do reverse kegels help you in the bedroom?

Published August 19, 2022 tag category
Why do reverse kegels help you in the bedroom?

The Number One Tip When Doing Penis Exercises To Get Awesome Results (And I Mean Huge Results!)

Are you excited about getting a bigger penis size with a method that doesn’t involve using anything except your hands? That’s great. BUT… there is one important tip you must understand prior to getting started with penis exercises if you want to ensure you get HUGE (literally) results…

Adult Cruises

Adult cruises have gained popularity in recent years. Child free, stress free and clothing free – what better way to spend a relaxing vacation with your partner, and meet many other like-minded adults in the swing lifestyle.

Adults Only Resorts

Adults only resorts allow you to be able to enjoy the eroticism that lifestyle resorts offer, as well as the guaranteed child free zone for your vacation experience. They allow you to take your partner along for a stress free, fun filled vacation that is a little different to your usual experience.

Sexual Stimulation

For many women sexual stimulation and sexual intimacy are very much joined together, and whilst males can be ‘in the mood’ at almost any time, it is often said, that a woman has to be in the mood first. Of course, with the right forms of sexual stimulation and arousal, a woman can soon become more aroused and feel sexy.

Stop Premature Ejaculation and Stop Infertility

Many men want to stop premature ejaculation because they simply want to last longer in bed, but for many there is something much more important on the line: their fertility. Ejaculation that occurs too quickly can create a problem for couples trying to naturally conceive a baby, because the man may be unable to sustain an erection long enough to successfully deliver healthy sperm for conception.

Stop Premature Ejaculation – Are There Easy Answers?

If you suffer from early ejaculation and it is interfering with your romantic life, you are probably wondering how to stop premature ejaculation as quickly as possible. The bad news is that for many men there is no fast or certain answer to the problem. The good news is that for other men there are ways to at least improve the problem a little so they last longer in bed and have fewer romantic embarrassments.

How To Have Sex Like a Man

In my book, I talk about my ability to have sex “like a man” and how this one…trait? skill?…actually made men trust me and like me more. In fact, I would go so far as to say my capacity to have sex with a man-like attitude shockingly made some men fall in love with me.